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Wednesday, January 8, 2014


     I have a crush on Bob...

     I sort of demoted the fabulously successful and rather together lawyer I was dating named Bob to good friend...he is dazzlingly fun but it didn't work out. His love of his adorable dog made him delightful to be with since I also prioritize my pets highly. His curly hair and purring sports car were also quite attractive as well...but his mansion didn't score as much with me as his thoughtfulness ...perhaps he was too thoughtful...planning out details to our dates required weeks of time... He was good, kind and had a golden smile but now we will meet as friends instead...just what I need another handsome "good" friend...

     This spectacular find came after the super-kind and good-hearted Commodities Trader, who is exactly my age, apparently ran its course...having been raised in the shadow of my beloved Disney, the Trader hit all my buttons by speaking my Disney language fluently. He is the sort of guy who has all the lovable qualities of Peter Falk in Colombo...

      I spent Christmas Eve with him as he bought supplies for the community dinner, an activity he indulges in every year. It was the first time I have been able to be involved in such a warm hearted activity so close to the holiday.  I happened to be goofing off on the couch alone watching A Christmas Carol, when he sent me the text asking for my large car's aid. Oddly it was a really nice time. I saw him yesterday and probably will again...though I have been a stand offish version of myself...I have to admit, it has been fun hanging around with him during my extra time when not in school and while my son is away visiting.

     My Partner in Fun here in this new world, (when my son is away) is a clever and pretty blond who works at the Admissions office at my school. She drinks with me at schmoozing get togethers and diplomatic style parties the school has as well as kindly supports me with friendship on many levels. I don't think she realizes how fond I am of her, but I show up and barge into her office in the middle of campus perpetually. She always makes me laugh, even when I am stressed to my limits. I don't know if the school realizes how much she draws in us new students...she is one of the three crucial staff members that I think of as representing the whole school aside from professors.

     When I got frustrated at the school during the application process, she not only put up with my snippy attitude over the phone, she diffused it...then she carefully guided me and the other hundreds of students she had under her belt lovingly. Without Laurel I bet the school would attract half as many people...the powers that be don't always realize that without a nice, patient front person to act as our first contact, us students would just as easily switch to another school.

      My personal theory is that if the school has a snotty first contact, the rest of the place might not be much better once I get into the school.

     Anyway Laurel is the one who turned me onto Bob....Bob is a radio station near here and it plays the best from the 80's that I listened to and enjoyed long ago in my twenties...and even though I prefer to listen to music that is more recent, I also enjoy sliding into the comfy old sounds of my youth.

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