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Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Divine Design

As frantic as my logical right brained studies have been my life is drawn forward always by outrageously far fetched coincidences that I usually don't bother to talk about with friends back home in Sonora...Ann, Rose, Marcia and Donna were my primary confidants outside of my dear kids and my in this bastion of right brained logical thinking I have not been at all my Reiki Master...psychic self...squishing any acknowledgement of my inner abilities, intuitions and interests...but today I wound up on a different trajectory, and my left brained world collided with my right, creating a much happier version of me by bedtime!

I like to introduce myself as a housewife and mother here, since I feel it is important to make it clear that we mothers and female sorts are just as capable of being feminine and also shining in the masculine world of business and scholarly pursuits...but I never bring up my left brained interests...especially here since I feared it would make me less serious of a scholar and lead to me being less successful.

Even as I write that I see the illogic of such a thought process...I am a success here and now...and respect should be accorded to me because I have not only earned it but I deserve it...yet look at me hiding my feminine intuitive side behind an inferior fa├žade of my own creation. No man or masculine class has subjugated me...I subjugated myself in a wild preemptive strike!

Here in this world of communication and language as well as passionate economics and cross cultural intermingling I should have realized that I owed it to myself to be me.... this is a world where I should have not just allowed myself to let others see glimpses of my inner being but I should have embraced it and let it shine else would others ever see the importance and value of intuition or of femininity to our over all goals of peace and security if I am suppressing it at all costs?!!

Tomorrow I am boldly following my inner guidance and intuition....even as I hope to jump into  wider business realms I am now seeing that I cannot get out there in the wider world while suppressing much of who I truly am....time to mix both sides of my brain as well as both my heart and my mind as well!

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