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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Why Am I Here?

Older people do not understand how I can confidently go to school "at my age"...

Math is not my strong subject but let's be honest...if you did do the math I am going in an interesting direction.

I am wracking up an alarming amount of student loan debt. College in the UC system in the 70's cost $700. I owe over $27000 for this term in grad school alone...but I would not change a thing. I think it comes down to a pivotal concept that I did not at all understand when I was a teen and convinced we were all going to die in a nuclear disaster in the 80's...There was no point in finishing college or having a savings from that perspective.

Now I am older....I have raised perfect children...lived a perfect marriage and home life...lived in a community that was filled with loving and caring people for decades.

I get that the world is not nearly done...and even if it were...I am now thinking that Mad magazine's Alfred E Newman is closer to my true philosophy, "What? Me worry?"

People who are 50 years old are supposed to, I suppose be locked into jobs and careers and see this as a mad sprint towards that elusive concept of "retirement"....

I know I am older...but I can run when I what I what I want...when on a whim in Italy my Ex hubby and I decided to  walk an enigmatic distance along an old dirt road caressing the shoreline....we had no idea how many miles it translated to....

Hours later we rolled into the next lovely was a beautiful but very long walk that was really worth every moment. I think it was the trail from Monterosso to Vernazza in Italia....mind blowing!.... that there were houses along the old walkway that people lived they got around and dragged groceries to such far removed places was beyond me...

Anyway...I guess the point is.... that I am not planning on retiring at 65 and neither should you. I would barely have time to pay everything back and reach my stride!

But I plan on working and getting as far as a I can with practical hands on knowledge...for years past the 65 year old mark.

In my Economics class the wise professor said that he expects people to live to 150 within my lifetime.

That is when it hit me that I have made the wisest choice.

Ignore that outmoded wisdom and shoot for a degree now when I am older and wiser...I am gearing up for the middle ages of my life...I should be retrained for this middle 50 years. I shouldn't be due for another retraining and late-in-life college stint until I am around 100 if he was close to correct.

I know my debt to income ratio is effecting my ability to rent since my latest $27000 term has now hit my credit lowering my credit rating since I have an abysmal debt to income ratio at the present time.

But I think I am being savvy and clever.

I am getting the new trend clear in my head before it is being written about...before anyone is really suggesting that it might be far more clever to invest in your own college education through the middle zone of our lives...I see it as THE truth...

There should be colleges geared around catering to my age group....there should be loans based around my future income from banks and loan companies...people my age should be counselled to pursue whatever they are drawn to since it is the most practical segment of our lives to be in school...

We should be done with young children by 50....we should be ready to pursue the bigger goals.

I am studying economics this term....I have a class in development and improving people's plight around the world...I have another class taught by an Ex military man who is clearly into the practicality of learning how to problem solve global issues and protect people of all kinds around the world....I am learning in other languages as I always had wanted to do...and politics is still strong in my experience here at grad school.

I don't know what I am going to do with all this fascinating material I am rolling around in my head....but I can guarantee you one thing! This is not a waste of time and I am only just getting started!

Thanks Howard for prompting me to see my direction...

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